Rory Indiana
BIMM Institute Brighton
  • Alternative rock band Rory Indiana are set to reveal their best EP to date.’Ruling Class Crooks’, produced by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Empire) to be released later on this year.

    They draw inspiration from a wide range of genres, with their sound progressing from light rock to aggressive angular riffs. They take their influences from Royal Blood, Arcane roots, Biffy Clyro, Architects and Eminem.

    Rory Indiana have recently supported the likes of: EMP!RE, Rival State and Press To Meco.


    “Towering riffs and emotion-fuelled vocals.”


    Rad Sound


    ‘Big thunderous riffs and a sumptuous vocal combine brilliantly. 7/10’


    - Alt Dialogue


    ‘Alt-rockers Rory Indiana who completely turn the evening around with their inventive hooks and indie-infused vocals. Decadent riffs flow into soothing bridges and intricate melodies lay over punchy rhythms to deliver a refreshing brand of Brit rock; these guys are oozing with an exciting potential’


    - Bring the Noise UK


    ‘The quirky vocals of frontman Rory Kaye are equally as captivating and we’re wondering why on earth we haven’t checked out this band before’


    - Bring The Noise UK


    Empiricism ‘Between the powerful overall style, fast-spitting phrases, and empowering tone, this is the weight-lifting track of the ages’


    - Planet Stereo LIVE


    ‘Tinged with a lighter sound, frontman Rory Kaye’s vocals built up around the guitar heavy tracks to contrast the wall of sound the quartet created perfectly, and was more than enough to send the crowd into circle pits and frantic chanting’


    - Rad Sound

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