Nimino (DJ)
BIMM Institute London
  • Born and raised in London UK since 1995, nimino started producing music at the age of 14. After trying out plenty of different sounds and styles over the years he reached a point in 2014 where he was happy enough to release his music to the public.

    Shortly following his first release in summer of 2014, nimino was picked up by the Huffington Post as the “Up and Coming Musician of the Week”. This spurred interest from other blogs such as noiseporn, Illictronix and more recently MrSuicideSheep. Having DJed at such venues as Brixton Jamm, Volks and the Prince Of Wales, Milo has gotten his DJing down to a tee. He smoothly moves through all kinds of genres whilst always returning to the main theme of swung, bouncy electronic music set by his own tracks. His ability to perform live mashups of his music with the vocals from better known tracks is always very successful. This pushes even the more close minded individuals to sing along to the music they know, whilst moving to the funky rhythms laid down by nimino.

    In the recent past, nimino’s music has been reposted on big collectives such as MrSuicideSheep, Melodic Sounds and La Tropical. This interest has brought about a close association between nimino and La Tropical which has helped a huge amount of new followers fall in love with his unique sounds.

    Overall nimino’s sound is a blend between tranquil, yet upbeat styles. A unique one, yet it has the ability to impress far more than just the majority of the people who lend their ear.

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